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Congratulations! You have reached the point of singularity and beaten this game, but for now...

In case you haven't noticed, there will be more content after this. You can keep continuing. but the game has been paused, since singularity was meant to be a forced prestige layer.
It took you {{formatTimeLong(player.timePlayed)}} to reach the singularity point.




Made by ducdat0507
a mod of The Prestige Tree made by Jacorb and Aarex
using The Modding Tree by Acamaeda

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Unfortunately, this world does not have any achievements.

Current endgame: The Singularity


You have played this game for {{ formatTimeLong(player.timePlayed) }}.

Layer Breakdown

Layer / Resource Amount Best Total
{{res.name.startsWith("└") || res.name.startsWith("├") ? "" : (res.unl() ? res.layer.toUpperCase() : "??")}}   {{res.unl() ? res.name : "??????????"}} {{res.unl() ? res.points() : "??????"}} {{res.unl() ? (res.best ? res.best() : "") : "??????"}} {{res.unl() ? (res.total ? res.total() : "") : "??????"}}






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You have



The point of singularity has been reached. Your civilization did not make it through.

You have {{formatWhole(tmp.layerAmt[layer])}} {{layers[layer].baseResource}}.

You have at best {{formatWhole(player[layer].best)}} {{layers[layer].resource}}.
You have made a total of {{formatWhole(player[layer].total)}} {{layers[layer].resource}}.